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Guided self-drive overland expeditions

Carefully designed, guided self-drive overland expeditions to unique, remote and rustic locations across Southern Africa.

Embark on a stress-free journey behind the wheel of your own vehicle, to break away from civilization, recharge and connect with like-minded individuals.

Tours promise adventure full of rich culture, beautiful landscapes and peaceful moments to connect with nature. 


Find that far-off feeling closer to home with one of Valhalla Safari Tours’ unique guided overland tours.



Untamed Mabuasehube

  • What is overlanding?
    Overlanding is vehicle-based, on-road and off-road, self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal.
  • How do trips work?
    All trips are guided self-drive, so you need your own vehicle and be completely self-sufficient. Bring your own camping gear, water and food (for meals not provided) for the duration of the trip. All tours are lead by a qualified overlanding guide and depart on fixed dates throughout the year. Endless Africa will arrange all accommodation, activities and permits.
  • Do I need a 4x4 vehicle?
    No, not all tours require 4×4 however some tours do. Get in touch or see trip details for more information.
  • Can I hire a vehicle from Valhalla Safari Tours?
    Endless Africa does not offer vehicle rentals, but we can refer you to companies that can assist.
  • Do I need any overlanding experience?
    No, all tours are designed to cater for beginners and regular overlanders. Come and let us guide you to your first overland tour.
  • How many guests are on each tour?
    Group sizes do not exceed 12 adults.
  • What happens if I have a vehicle breakdown?
    All guests are responsible for their own vehicle and travel insurances. In the event of a vehicle breakdown the tour group will do everything within its means to identify, fix and repair the problem, however if an on-site repair is not possible the guest will have to make alternative arrangements.
  • Do we stay in strict convoy?
    Yes, this is a group tour therefore we stay in convoy when travelling between locations. Self-drive is possible in some locations, for example where game viewing is offered.
  • What accommodations are provided during our trip?
    All tours are overlanding camping trips. The campsites on Valhalla Safari Tours are rustic with basic or no facilities. Guests need to bring their own camping gear and tents.
  • Travelling during the pandemic?
    Self-drive overlanding is one of the lowest risk travelling options during the pandemic, as you travel in your own vehicle, sleep in your own tent and use your own utensils and cutlery for eating. Furthermore, all activities on Valhalla Safari Tours are outdoors. Valhalla Safari follows industry standard safety protocols and recommend that guests follow regular stringent hygiene practices while on tour.


Ready to hit the road and experience an authentic overland tour?


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