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Authentic and immersive outdoor experiences

Valhalla Safari Tours was founded by Victor Rasubinki Mokale. Valhalla Safari Tours is founded on his experience travelling in Southern Africa and his love for nature and wildlife.

Valhalla Safari Tours offers small guided overland tours to unique and isolated locations across Southern Africa.  Our tours promote a “leave no trace” policy at all rustic campsites we visit to ensure we offer low impact and environmentally conscious overland tours. At Valhalla Safari Tours our goal is to enable people to disconnect from the controlled environment of modern day living and to connect with the natural environment, where a sense of freedom can be experienced. At Valhalla Safari Tours we believe that a strong connection with nature leads to more conscious behaviour, improves general well-being and boosts creative thinking.


Endless Africa is dedicated to provide  travellers with an authentic and immersive outdoor overland experience where individuals can escape the marathon of life to relax, feel present and connect with nature. 


Endless Africa strives to be the most reputable adventure expedition company in South Africa. 


  • Respect
    We respect nature, wildlife and people

  • Discovery
    We encourage creativity and are not bound by convention.

  • Exploration
    We promote freedom and taking the path less travelled.

  • Connection
    Connection with nature, yourself and others.

  • Simplicity
    Be more with less

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